Research: Pressure Data

Research was conducted at the School of Podiatric medicine which was located at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The purpose of the study was to show the difference in pressure at the 1st metatarsalphalangeal joint with and without the DiaSole intervention.

Research study conducted at the Cardiff Metropolitan University

Research was conducted at Cardiff Metropolitan University to investigate the immediate effects of DiaSole on Mean Plantar Pressure (MPP) of the dynamic foot in healthy adults. MPP data (in kPa) was recorded using an Emed pressure platform using participants walking with DiaSole compared to the same participants walking without DiaSole.

DiaSole has so far demonstrated average pressure reduction of 56%

DiaSole has so far demonstrated average pressure reduction of 56% and a maximum pressure reduction of 76%, which massively exceeds the minimum 30% pressure reduction that is recommended by the International Working Group of the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF). All data exceeded the IWGDF standards for pressure reduction.

Pressure offloading is considered the gold standard in diabetic neuropathic wound care. DiaSole is not just an immediate offloading device but an ongoing preventative tool for new or relapsing neuropathic ulcerations, by reducing direct pressure and sheer stress acting on the plantar feet.

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