Built to Prevent

Three simple words to describe our products; adaptive, innovative, preventative.

As an innovative medical device company that specialises in offloading technology, we are committed to innovating superior products for cost-effective wound care, such as orthotic devices, bed mattresses, wheelchair cushions and prosthetic sleeves which are essential to every healthcare organisation.  

Our user-friendly products are not only sought after for their convenience, but they also have innovative features and functions that enhance customer use and patient care.

Our Team

David Barton

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

David begun innovating Kaydiar’s first offloading orthotic device for diabetic foot ulcers as an undergraduate student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

"Due to my endless fascination in medical devices, I pursued innovating around the problems associated with current medical devices. This is why I co-founded Kaydiar, to produce next generation medical devices for the diabetic foot, and help alleviate the financial pressures off our NHS. With our current innovations, Kaydiar is setting out to become a go to company for anti-pressure tech. that can not only treat these devastating wounds effectively, but also prevent them."

Heather Smart BSc(Hons)

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Heather has years of experience treating musculoskeletal disorders and diabetic wound care through work as an NHS podiatrist.

"Alongside Co-Founding Kaydiar, I have hands-on experience and a profound interest in lower-limb biomechanics and the complications of diabetic foot disease through my work in the NHS and private practice. I co-founded Kaydiar with the aim to improve patient outcomes and help tackle this modern-day health crises that is diabetic foot disease."

Award winning

Since graduating, David and Heather have joined the prestigious Accelerator Growth Programme Wales; were the winners of the 2018 ESTNet Technology award; and published in the Advances Journal of Science and Technology.

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